Moving on to Trieste

Saturday, July 27, 2019
Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
With a couple of hours to spare after breakfast and leaving our bags with the hotel staff, we decided to take a leisurely walk to the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute along a route we hadn’t taken before. Choosing to take a longer route back, we had to pick up the pace a little, winding our way around the many tourists who seem to be oblivious to the fact that anyone else exists — so many people stop in the middle of the small alley ways to have conversations with their companions, or groups of people coming towards us spread out along the entire width of the road, showing no intention of moving out of the way until they have to reluctantly allow you a little space to squeeze past! Despite these obstructions, we made it back to the hotel at our planned time of 12:20pm. 
We dragged our bags the short distance to the station and easily determined from which platform our train would be leaving. We validated our tickets before boarding (we have finally remembered to do this!) and then settled into some seats in the first carriage, ready for the two-hour journey to Trieste. Five minutes later, we were on our way.
As our train hurtled northward, the clouds thickened and the skies opened. The landscape was mostly flat farmland — not particularly interesting. However, as we approached Trieste, we the track ran close to the coastline, and so we were provided with more interesting views. By then, the rain had stopped, and we were hopeful that the storm had passed. However, as soon as we arrived in Trieste, it started to pour with rain. We found our umbrellas and did our best to avoid the puddles as we made our way the short distance to our accommodation. We had to circumnavigate the whole building to find the entrance to the apartments, but were soon safely ensconced in our small, but very neat little abode. 
Our first outing was to the supermarket to get some supplies for dinner. By the time we returned to our apartment, the storm had blown over and the sun was shining again — perfect for some sight-seeing. We spent the next couple of hours wandering around Trieste, marvelling at the different styles of architecture. TheViennese district is laid out on a grid and consists of some very impressive five- to six-storey buildings, as well as an impressive canal. The old town consists of smaller, more rambling streets. The buildings along the esplanade are very grand, with a wide coarse way providing a lovely promenade for pedestrians. It was no doubt previously used for ships to load and unload cargo.
With legs feeling weary and a little sore from all the walking we have been doing, we made our way back to our apartment where we dined on fresh bread, tomatoes, salami, cheese and basil, followed by pistachio gelato, all washed down with a glass or two of Pinot Grigio.
Note: I have just discovered that I have been importing my photos at a low resolution (I have a new iPad, and had forgotten about this setting). I’m not sure whether there will be any difference in the quality of the photos as they appear in this blog — I’ll have to find out tomorrow!
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Hi Merrily and Michael I’m loving all your photos and commentary. Please keep it up and I think your photo resolution looks pretty good, Wishing you many more happy days, Jill


Thanks Merrilly and Michael, Loving your holiday photos and diary. Have a wonderful holiday. Xo


I imagine the grid like streets would have been very welcome to finding your way around after the maze of tiny alleys in Venice.


It is quite evident, when viewing photos of this region of Italy, that we live in a region of the world that many would find to be restrictive in stimulating architecture. However, for those who are conditioned to living in less populated regions, there is added excitement in holidaying in the magnificent cities of Europe, such as the places you explore in your world travels.


Your photos are excellent, don't really need high resolution for a blog, probably quicker for you to post as well. Some lovely views, love the canal. I would love to visit Trieste - looks so interesting. Enjoy the rest of your time.


Thank you, all, for your lovely comments. :-)