Lovely Ljubljana

Monday, July 29, 2019
Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning in Trieste. Being Monday, the streets were buzzing with traffic as we made our way down the street to the hidden hotel for breakfast. Being unable to eat everything, Michael asked if we could take the rolls with us (after all, they would have to throw out whatever we left!). He was a little embarrassed about asking, and so preceded his request with, “My wife wants to know if....”! The staff were more than happy to oblige, wrapping our prepared rolls for us and returning them in little bags that you might expect to see at a wedding (with sugar-coated almonds in them) — the finest ‘doggy bags’ I’ve ever seen!
We checked out and left our bags at the reception and went on our last wander around Trieste. Michael bought himself some new sandals (on sale, of course). Ninety minutes later, we collected our luggage and headed for the bus station. I was just about to fork out my first 50 cents to use the toilet, but the woman in front of me was having problems getting the machine to take her coins. The door to the toilets then opened as someone exited, and so a number of us filed in together — there was no point struggling to get the machine to take our money!
The bus pulled out of the station a minute later than scheduled at 12:56pm. It didn’t take long to reach the border to Slovenia, the country we explored on last year’s adventure. We journeyed through rolling green hills, reaching Ljubljana in approximately 90 minutes. 
After disembarking, we purchased our bus tickets to the airport for the next day. The sun was shining, unlike our visit here 12 months ago when it was drizzling with rain. I followed behind Michael, assuming he knew where we were going. It turns out that all he knew was that the hotel was near a square we had walked through last year. When he described the square to me, I pointed out that my recollection was that it was on the opposite side of the river! Michael popped into a nearby hotel to check, and sure enough...other side of the river. By the time we reached the hotel, we had added a good 10 minutes to the 20-minute walk. Not that I really minded — Ljubljana is such a pleasant city to wander through. The only traffic permitted in the city centre are the small electric buses. The place is buzzing with people. There are buskers playing music and many outdoor dining areas and bars. The whole vibe of the centre is very relaxed and festive.
Our hotel is a converted grand villa. We were upgraded to a large suite consisting of a large bedroom, spacious lounge and small kitchen. I am sure it is larger than Gretl & Sean’s house! It sounds very opulent, but the corridor and courtyard we pass to get there is very daggy and run down. There was even rubbish lying on the ground right outside the entrance to our suite until Michael picked it up and put it in one of the large pots that already had rubbish and cigarette butts in it. If we were paying the actual rate of $500/night to stay here (which we NEVER would!), we would have been livid. The rooms are very grand, but are decorated with furniture that is need of restoration. We have stayed in some very grand hotels in our travels — this one has potential, but has a long way to go to reach it! Luckily, we only paid $40 to stay here. Our American Express cards include a $300 voucher to spend on hotels, flights, etc. each year. Apparently, the voucher was about to expire, and so Michael made a rushed decision to book a room here for $340. (We were probably ‘upgraded’ due to the fact that we are only here for one night — perhaps the standard room would have been better. The published reviews of this hotel are in line with our impressions.)
We spent the next couple of hours wandering through the streets of Ljubljana. The clouds came and went again. The temperature was very comfortable — around 28C. We popped back to our hotel for a pre-dinner drink and some nibbles, and then wandered back into the heart of the old town for some pizza and wine at the wine bar we had patronised last year. However, this time, as the skies were clear, we were able to dine outside. We shared some gelati as we wandered back to our hotel via the shop where Michael had purchased some kremsnita (like a custard slice) last year — he bought some more, but had to wait until we were back In our room, as it was definitely not finger food!
As per usual, we ensconced ourselves in our iPads as soon as we were back in our suite. It was about 10pm when we finally turned out the light.
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This is my third attempt to complete an overall commentary on today’s blog, as my iPad keeps losing what I have typed. Here goes my final attempt to summaris what I had earlier written. It was not until this morning that I saw photos taken by you of Trieste that changed my impression that it was a very uninteresting city, containing expensive residences that had little beauty about them. Ljubljana, however, Is a different story. From your selection of colourful photos taken in Ljubljana, I can appreciate your comment earlier in these blogs, that Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful,cities in Europe. I am enjoying your reports and the selection of photos attached to the blog.


I’m enjoying your travel adventure narrative & photos Merrily. Thanks for sharing. Cathy from Pilates


Thank you for joining us, Cathy. Say hello to everyone at Pilates from me. I am trying to do a few exercises and stretches, but it’s difficult on the hard floors. I brought my theraband with me and am working on my hamstrings and quads which are getting a good workout each day. :-)


Thank you for joining us, Cathy. Say hello to everyone at Pilates from me. I am trying to do a few exercises and stretches, but it’s difficult on the hard floors. I brought my theraband with me and am working on my hamstrings and quads which are getting a good workout each day. :-)


Hi Merrilly & Michael, What a beautiful city, such lovely buildings and canals. It seems to have everything. I hope the people are friendly. I would definitely like to visit there. Lovely temperatures too.


What a gorgeous city. Loved the doggy bags too - very plush