More hiking in the Durmitor National Park

Saturday, August 03, 2019
Žabljak, Žabljak Municipality, Montenegro
After our usual breakfast in Gitti & Hermann’s apartment, we set off back to the Black Lake car park, as the walk we had planned branched off the path circumnavigating the lake. It was an easy stroll through the forest to reach Zminje jezero (Snake lake), one of the  many lakes in the Durmitor National Park. It was a much cooler day with mostly clouds, and so we were fortunate that the sun shone on the lake for some of our photos. We read that snakes live in the water, but then I read that that is just a myth, so who knows? 
Our return journey took us past the much smaller Barno Lake. We squelched our way through the swamping edge as close as we could get to the water, and then continued on our way...only we weren’t sure which way we were going. The path we took brought us out on to a road. We took the right-hand turn and walked on some distance before becoming concerned that perhaps we were on the wrong road! We consulted our map, but were not convinced we knew exactly where we were. The next option was to flag down a passing car (there were very few). The young couple consulted their GPSs and determined that we were on a road leading back to Zabljak. We turned back, finally reaching the junction where we had taken a path through the forest to Barno Lake. The signs were ambiguous — stating that the place we wanted to get to was in the direction we had just come from...but only 1.7km away (which didn’t make any sense, according to our map). Then I spotted a sign pointing to another path through the forest (I suspect the road sign was referring to this path, but who will ever know?!) — we were on the right track at last!
After such an adventurous few hours, Michael and I were exhausted. Back at our apartment, we both had an afternoon nap, making up for not having slept well last night. 
For dinner, Gitti cooked up some Austrian-style mushrooms to accompany Michael’s hot potatoes and salad which we supplemented with bread and washed down with some white wine before heading off to bed for an early night.
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All a bit energetic for me but the scenery looks stunning- after reading about the water snakes not sure if i would have ventured forth


It all looks stunning. Thanks for sharing your experiences in a country of which we know little


Another scenic walking track in this beautiful mountainous part of Europe. A day well spent. I guess that lower regions throughout Montenegro are still experiencing a heatwave.


I’m sure any snakes would be harmless, Tracy, — it’s not like Australia!!! :-) Glad you are enjoying discovering Montenegro with us, Barb — it is well worth putting on your bucket list! We did appreciate the cooler climate up in the mountains, Dad,— we’re now down by the sea where it is very warm, but still tolerable. :-)