A tough climb to the castle of Kotor

Tuesday, August 06, 2019
Prčanj, Kotor Municipality, Montenegro
Having been told that the local bus departs every hour at a quarter to the hour, we left 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time to ensure that we didn’t miss it. (Once we had parked the car in the driveway at the apartment, we decided it was a much better idea to leave it there drive on the narrow road around the bay where people drive like maniacs, especially the bus drivers!) It cost us only 1 euro each for the 20-minute trip from our town to the old town of Kotor. 
We wandered through the cobbled streets in the old town to the entrance for the hike up to the ruins of the old castle, some 1,350 steps up the mountain. Wisely, Gitti and I had brought our hiking sticks with us, as at times the climb was quite tough. Some of the marble stones were quite slippery, and so we had to watch every step we took. We preferred walking up the steps, rather than the slope next to the It was good to do the uphill walk in the morning, as most of the track was in shade. Despite this, it was still a long, hot climb!
The views of the Bay of Kotor from the top were worth the effort. Once we had taken countless photos, we began the descent, taking even more care not to slip on the marble steps. The whole experience took us about 2 hours by which time our knees were reminding us of our ages!
Gitti & Hermann then found somewhere to sit in the old town to enjoy a cool drink and a snack whilst Michael and I continued exploring. We had a brief stop at a wine bar where Michael purchased a 2 euro glass of wine to share — that way, we could both use the toilet! We wandered outside the walls of the old town to check out the nearby supermarkets and then met up again with Gitti & Hermann in time to catch the return bus to our village. A young couple had already been waiting at the bus stop for about half an hour, and so we figured that our chances of a bus coming along soon were reasonably high. Eventually, Michael enquired of the person operating the boom gate at the car park adjacent to the bus stop and was told that the bus comes on the hour. After waiting for about 20 minutes, the bus eventually appeared, about 5 minutes past the hour (3:05pm).
Once back at the apartment, we put on our bathers and walked down the road for a dip at our local beach. The cool water was very refreshing, but we weren’t game to put our heads under, given that Michael had come across an area of beach on his morning run that smelt as if the sewerage was being pumped into the sea!
The strenuous walk back up the hill to our apartment almost undid the benefits of our swim! After freshening up, we wandered back down to the beach and along the road until we came to the inexpensive restaurant Michael had found on the internet. Our burgers weren’t quite what we expected, but nonetheless were very tasty. I was a bit annoyed when we were charged an extra 3 euros (about $4.60) for the butter I had requested to have with our bread! I should have asked for a doggy bag!!!
By the time we returned to our apartment, the temperature had cooled down considerably. It was well and truly time to call it a day.
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Gorgeous photos and although hot the clear blue skies made for amazing photos The hike up obviously not for the faint hearted and certainly not for me, luckily after you described the visit so well and matched with the photos my need to see has been satiated


That was indeed a most interesting day. I was impressed by the walking tracks giving sight see-ers the opportunity to walk on the slope or on steps. The old town of Kotor with its variety of shops would have been like travelling back in history. The account of your day's activity provided a helpful structure when viewing the bulk of the photos that followed. A most relaxing day. No crazy drivers. Another wonderful selection of photos for viewing from time to time.


Another day of gorgeous photos. Really enjoying the daily updates. Thanks xo


Thank you, Tracy, Dad & Marcella, for your comments. I’m glad you are enjoying the adventure. :-)