Spectacular vistas from Lovcen National Park

Friday, August 09, 2019
Cetinje, Cetinje Municipality, Montenegro
After a leisurely breakfast and another ‘vinegar workshop’ on the car, we headed off up the mountain to the Lovcen National Park, stopping for some information and to use the toilet on the way up. (It gets very challenging using a squat toilet when the toilet cubicle has no light!)
Fortunately, we found a vacant park on the side of the road not too far from the beginning of the steps up to the mausoleum. The 456 steps up the mountain were mostly inside a long tunnel. As the warm sun was becoming quite intense, this was welcome relief.
Up the top, our 360-degree view was interrupted by the great concrete mausoleum built to house the tomb of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš a Prince-Bishop of Montenegro, a jpoet and philosopher whose works are widely considered some of the most important in Serbian and Montenegrin literature. Gitti was the only one of our party who paid the €5 to go inside the mausoleum and out the other side where another viewing platform enabled her to see the rest of the view. 
After we had taken countless photos, we made our descent and then drove back a few kilometres to park near the beginning of a walking track the woman at the information office had advised us was worth taking. We duly followed her instructions, although the 10-minute walk up the asphalt road took about 30 seconds, and the 1.5-kilometre uphill climb was barely 500 metres. Needless to say, we ended up going in the wrong direction, turning back when our track ended up back on the main road. As luck would have it, we chanced upon a younger couple who clearly knew where they were going. They were from Austria, not far from where Gitti and Hermann live, and so communication was not an issue (at least for Gitti and Hermann!). The track we should have taken led us in the opposite direction. It led to a fabulous view towards the coast and part of the Bay of Kotor. The terrain in this area is very rocky, reminding us of the west coast of Ireland. In fact, there were many rock walls similar to those that cover the Irish countryside.
Once back at the car, we continued on towards the small town of Njegusi, stopping on the way for another photo opportunity — this time looking directly down on to Kotor. As the crow flies, it wasn’t that far away from us. The town of Njegusi is known for its local produce — smoked ham and beef, cheese, honey, wine and souvenirs. It was very warm in the afternoon sun as we wandered along the main road looking at the different stalls. We made some purchases in the smoke house at the back of one of the properties — the smell of smoked ham was very potent.
We arrived back at our apartment at about 3pm. I worked on yesterday’s blog and edited my photos ready to upload to today’s entry. Dinner consisted of the meats and goat’s cheese purchased in Njegusi, as well as shredded cabbage, cucumber & tomato salad, and potatoes with ham, prepared by Michael, followed by ice cream. We are now sitting around the table, ensconced in our individual iPads...beginning to fade. It is almost 9pm. Time for bed....and I am finally up to date with my blog!!!
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You’re doing a fantastic job Merrilly. Keep it up! I’m loving all your excellent photos and essays.


What an interesting route climbing through such a long mostly underground tunnel leading to the mausoleum of Prince Njegusi. The views from this vantage point and from nearby enable you to capture the wonderful mountains of Lovcen National Park right down to Kotor Bay. It was enjoyable to stroll along the quiet little village of Njegusi on your way down. It was another leisurely stroll with ample time to select food to prepare for a pleasant dinner in your apartment and time to relax enjoying your apartment. The photos taken of this day’s activities were made even more interesting with your strategy of firstly reporting on how your day was spent, including your interactions with others on the walk (like the Austrian couple). What beautiful memories these daily records will provide!


Amazing views from the peaks of all your climbs and fantastic that you are willing & able to make the trek - I'm happy with my vicarious travel confident that this will suffice for me! The dinner menu sounded delicious as ever with Chef Michael


Thank you, Jill! And thank you for your thoughtful comments, Dad. I’m glad you are finding the vicarious hiking just right for you, Tracy!