A walk to the 13km-long sandy beach

Sunday, August 11, 2019
Ulcinj, Ulcinj Municipality, Montenegro
Today was forecast to be in the mid 30s, and so exploring the beaches was an appealing option. After finalising my blog entry from the day before, we set off to explore the many small rocky beaches along the way to the 13km-long sandy beach. The first section was well shaded, but we were then exposed to the hot midday sun. Michael stopped for a quick dip at one of the small rocky bays. It looked very appealing, but closer up the water seemed a bit dirty, and so he chose not to put his head under.
From our hotel to the beginning of the long sandy beach was about 5kms. I was quite surprised when we turned the corner and saw the beach covered in umbrellas and chairs for as far as the eye could see. I wondered if they continued for the entire 13kms — we weren’t planning to walk any further, and so we’ll never know!
As we walked along the road to the little wooden bridge that crossed the river over to the beach, I was struck by how many incomplete buildings there were. One apartment building was inhabited, but the 3rd level had never been finished.  
The quote for using the chairs and umbrellas was €10/hour — I’m not sure if that was for all 4 of us or per couple. Regardless, it was excessive, and so we opted to sit in the shade of some trees. We rested there for about an hour, Michael, Gitti and Hermann each going for a refreshing swim at some stage. The water was quite shallow for some distance out, and given my concern about sun exposure, I chose not to go in.
Apparently, many Albanians come here for their holidays. I imagine this long sandy beach is a special experience for many of them. It makes one appreciate Australian beaches even more!
Our walk back was particularly hot, and so it was a relief to get back to our rooms and freshen up with a cool shower. 
After a long rest, we met for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles in Gitti and Hermann’s room before heading down the road for dinner at one of the restaurants Michael and I had seen on our walk the night before. It appealed to us, as it overlooked the main beach and old town of Ulcinj. We enjoyed an inexpensive dinner as the sun set behind the old town, and then wandered back to our hotel via the main streets which were again buzzing with activity. 
According to Gitti’s phone records, we walked over 20,000 steps today — our longest hike yet. And so it was no surprise that I found myself drifting off to sleep whilst waiting for my photos to transfer on to my iPad!
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Stunning coast line and loved the ladder down to the water. Looked a tad steep. Also like the little shower cubicles. How are you finding the heat Merrilly? The umbrella is a very good idea for keeping the sun off you. All looks hot and rather energetic for me but most certainly enjoying my bus trip with you but do dignam of Tom? Given we usually sit together in the back I'm starting to think he missed the bus. Good job Ian and I were quick to get in board


It looks really lovely there, I would like to go. Enjoy that heat because the UK has cooled down a lot sadly. We have a low pressure over us annoyingly. xxxx


Hi Tracy — I’ve coped really well with the heat this year. Every day we’ve done a lot of walking, I’ve taken an antihistamine. This seems to do the trick in preventing the ‘toxic urticaria’ (like a heat rash) from occurring. Only on one day did I get a hint of a rash on my upper legs, but it disappeared quickly and didn’t affect me at all. The humidity has been around 45 - 55% which is much more manageable than the higher levels in United Arab Emirates or Japan in summer. The umbrella certainly keeps me a lot cooler, as well as keeping the sun off my arms and legs. I’ve just about used up my supply of sunscreen, and so it is time to move on to England. Tom joined the bus on the 2nd August, but must have since fallen asleep down the back.! It’s a pity that this blog doesn’t give fellow travellers the opportunity to interact with each other as the forum I used to use did. You and Dad have done well to keep up with our itinerary. Thank you for all your comments. xxx


Hi Lynette — We have noticed with some sadness that the weather has turned a little cool for our visit to England! I will be wearing the same outfit for the next 2 weeks, I’m sure — I could only fit in one warm jumper along with my jacket. We look forward to seeing you and James tomorrow night. xxx


Hi fellow travelers, I nearly missed the bus. The 20,000 steps on our longest hike yet caused me to dally in the sea for far too long with the rest of you, who relished the soothing water. I did, however, find the arrangements of shelters utterly boring. Your choice in sitting under shady trees was far more appealing, especially with playground equipment there for children. I was pleased that your choice of a place to eat incorporated wooden seats and tables, rather than cheap looking plastic. A very enjoyable day.


I’m glad you didn’t miss the bus, Dad! :-)