Fish Picnic Day

Monday, August 12, 2019
Ulcinj, Ulcinj Municipality, Montenegro
We set off bright and early after breakfast (which at the Croma Apartments is fairly average), determined to arrive at the wharf well before the designated arrival time of 9:15am to ensure we secured reasonable positions on the boat. The day was heating up to a very warm one, and some keen swimmers were already in the water.
We arrived at the boat at 9:05 and were soon ushered on board one of the boats. Gitti, Michael and I sat at the front of the boat, whilst Hermann sat at the rear. I chose to sit near the front, as I could see that there would be plenty of shade as we headed north and one is less likely to feel seasick when travelling near the bow. (I have had some awful experiences in the past!) 
By the time we set sail at 9:30am, there were between 25 and 30 people on board, with some people having to stand for the 75-minute journey along the coast to a small rocky cove where we were to spend about four hours. We had to wade through the water to the beach, struggling over the pebbles both under the water and on the land. During our 4-hour stay here, the boat operators unloaded a number of eskies and prepared a wood fire, battered over 100 pieces of fish, laid out over 50 plates with some cucumber, tomato, capsicum and lemon wedges, and then served two boat-loads of tourists a ‘fish picnic’. We took a few dips in the refreshing water (I must have looked like a crab getting in and out of the water over the painful pebbles, shuffling on my bottom to avoid having to stand up), and then sat in the shade, thinking that perhaps 4 hours was a little too long to be trapped on this pebbly beach. The beach was surrounded by steep cliffs, and so there was no way of escaping, other than swimming!
The only noteworthy incident was when Michael watched from the water as a young guy started putting on HIS sandals! Michael shouted out to him, but the young guy just replied that it was OK, indicating that he was just borrowing them for a short time (to walk over the pebbles to the umbrella where the eskies of drinks were stored). (I didn’t mention that one could drink as much wine, water and soft drink as one wished. Given that the wine was very, very ordinary, and the soft drinks full of sugar, I stuck with water.) Michael was really annoyed when his sandals were returned, as the guy’s wet feet had saturated the leather lining. (He had been taking great care not to get them wet!) He also hoped that the lad didn’t have tinea on his feet!
I decided to wear my sandals in the water to make getting back on the boat a less painful experience. We all managed to find somewhere to sit for the slow journey back to Ulcinj. Just before we reached the Old Town, the two boats put down anchor for about 20 minutes to allow those who were keen enough to jump overboard for another dip before we returned to the wharf.
It was certainly a very hot walk back to the hotel. The temperature reached about 38C, but add to that about 50% humidity and the ‘apparent temperature’ was about 40C.  As soon as we were back in our room, a cool shower was the first priority. We had purchased some bread and olives to go with the remaining cheese and meats which we ate together in our room with some cheap local wine. Our dinner was followed by a final walk around the buzzing town — after all, we needed to do a little more exercise to counterbalance our lazy day at the beach.
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An interesting experience and perhaps one that you may not be keen to do again but the evening walk looked delightful and the lights looking across the coast very picturesque


Fantastic photography Merrilly. Enjoying reading about your

Looks gorgeous . I ended up buyi

Looks gorgeous. I ended up buying some beach shoes for the pebbles when in Croatia last year


Thank you for your comments, Tracy, Jo & whoever it was who went to Croatia last year! :-)


You were wise in being early to gain a good seating on the vessel that you booked for the four hour trip to your rocky cove. It looks a terribly pebbly beach for any activity requiring walking or even stretching out on the shore. What a cheek to borrow Michael's shoes! The cooked fish and the cold salad prepared for the two boat loads of tourists would have been a positive from this trip. The coast line viewed from your boat was very picturesque. The relaxing stroll after dinner that night along the town streets rounded off a most interesting day.