Well, this is the wettest part of England!

Thursday, August 22, 2019
Ambleside, England, United Kingdom
Sadly, the weather wasn’t as kind for us as it had been for our hiking expeditions on the west side of the Lake District. Michael’s joggers were drenched after his two-hour morning jog to Grasmere and surrounds, and so he chose not to join us for our walk. Instead, he went shopping and bought himself some waterproof boots!
Lynette, James and I set off into Ambleside, strolled past the old church. across the stone bridge and along the quiet road that runs next to the river. The river had swollen its banks and was rushing rapidly through the valley. 
Our walk then took us uphill to a very large and picturesque cave. From there, the path meandered around the hills above Rydal Water and Lake Grasmere. The views were lovely, but would have been much more beautiful had the sun been shining.
It took us a few hours to reach the town of Grasmere. Here we had some refreshments before catching a bus back to our guest house. Michael and I then strolled back into Ambleside to buy some supplies for our evening meal which we enjoyed with Lynette & James in their somewhat larger room and more salubrious room situated in the main building. (Our small room was located in the ‘Hideaway’, a smaller building at the back of the complex.)
Our bread and tomatoes, accompanied by smoked salmon, olives, and salad with chicken and bacon, was followed by some delicious little custard tarts. Carrying ones own cutting boards and cutlery does come in handy!
Our meal over and dishes rinsed, it was time to head off to bed. The weather forecast promised warmth and sunshine in the coming week — great for our time in the Peak District National Park and London, but too late for our stay here in Ambleside. Still, the area is still stunningly beautiful in rain or shine.
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Stunning scenery all be it wet. Hope that Michael managed to get his joggers dry.


Reminiscing:- When we were planning our 1982-3 tour, you recommended that we include the Lake District, especially Rydal Water and the village of Ambleside. We had not booked any B&B places ahead of time as not much information was readily available. However, by planning to arrive at country places not too late in the day, we usually found vacancies that looked inviting. In entering the Lake District, we came across a splendid house on the outskirts of Rydal overlooking Rydal Water. It was a well built and furnished house that from memory I think was about 200 years old. The woman who lived there and supervised the bookings and breakfasts, smilingly told us that people living in the nearby villages referred to the house as the new building in the district. Your report of the walk taken today (22nd Aug) and the photos chosen to share the picturesque scenery, brought back those memories of our 1982 visit. I have included in an email sent to you two of my own photos of the house, one taken close up from the northern side of Rydal Water and one taken further away from the other side of Rydal Water. I have also included two photos of Mum and Shirley; one taken as they cross a small bridge over an inlet of water flowing into Rydal Water and then another of them walking along the track on the southern side of Rydal Water. We all felt the presence of the poet William Wordsworth, who was inspired by the beauty of daffodils on his walk along these tracks to write:- “I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vale and hills". A very enjoyable day, despite the heavy rain in the morning.


Beautiful memories, Dad. I will add your photos to this entry. It looks as though you were much luckier with the weather than we were! Thinking of you and my lovely mum. xxx


Merrilly such wonderful memories and stunning photos, I could not help but shed a tear.xx