Strolling around sunny Stockholm

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
After a simple, but tasty breakfast, we set off, map in hand, to explore Stockholm. I must say we hadn’t expected such warm weather — blue skies and about 26C with a gentle breeze to keep things comfortable. Our meanderings took us through the old town to the King’s Palace where we were in time to line up to view the changing of the guards, a rather quaint ritual that was introduced by an official talking at rapid speed over a loudspeaker. 
A visit to the City Hall was highly recommended by our hotel receptionist, and so was next on our agenda. (We checked out the Radisson Blu Hotel on the way through, having no cash to pay the exorbitant fee of about $1.50 to use a public loo — having said that, we didn’t actually check to see whether they would accept credit cards!) The City Hall is where the Nobel prizes are awarded. 
We then strolled along the waterfront (which is being restored to its former glory and will no doubt be a wonderful area to visit in 10 years’ time) and across bridges on to another of the many islands of Stockholm. We were planning to purchase a 24-hour transport card and take the ferry across to another of the islands, but discovered that we couldn’t actually purchase a card from the machines on the wharf. Fortunately, the hotel situated only 5 minutes’ walk away was able to sell us some cards, and so we were soon on our way. 
The island of Djurgården is the location of an amusement park (closed today), a number of museums (including the ABBA museum), and parks and gardens. Not being interested in visiting any of the museums (not even the ABBA museum, Tracy!), we simply explored, choosing a path that led through a community garden, past an old palace (where an automatic lawnmower entertained us for a while), around the brightly coloured floral beds behind the palace, and along the banks of a wide canal. 
Our transport cards enabled us to catch a tram back into the city centre where we found ourselves retracing part of the route we had taken earlier. We stopped to have a quick look inside the cathedral before catching the underground train back to our apartment.
After another fast food meal deal — at around $15 each with a can of drink, this is a much more affordable option than going to any of the restaurants. A cheap bottle of white wine at our hotel sells for around $100, and so alcohol is definitely not on our diet at the moment!
We headed off to bed at around 9pm, although I read until almost 10. We begin our long journey home via Doha tomorrow!
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Lovely lovely Stockholm & yes we did visit the ABBA museum which amused me for hours. Our airbnb was on one of the islands so we hopped across many times during our stay. Loved old town area and the royal palace. Safe travels home Love Neldner xox


Lovely bright photos of blue skies, looking forward to your return. Love Jo the mermaid!


We were lucky to have such magnificent weather for our one full day in Stockholm. Yesterday morning, it was overcast and trying to rain. Thank you for your wishes for a safe journey home, Tracy. Jo, the mermaid — sounds as though you might be ready to join me in the pool!!! ;-) See you all soon. xxx


You saw such a lot of Stockholm on your one full day there – City Hall on the island of Djurgården and buildings in the old town of Gamla Stan built on three islands dating back to the 13th century. You strolled along the waterfront and across bridges on to another of the many islands of Stockholm. A day of such site seeing, which is brilliantly captured on your camera and script. Your magnificent tour is near its end. Thank you for making it so memorable.