Fly to Santorini

Sunday, October 13, 2013
Oia, Cyclades, Greece
Today we rose early for our drive from Nafplion to the Athens airport for our flight to santorini. Our hotel owner woke to say goodbye and to give us the meal she prepared for our drive. She and her son were great hosts. We arrived in santorini airport mid day where our shuttle met us for the 30 minute joy ride to our hotel in Oia. Santorini is a caldera from a collapsed volcano and the only road runs along the top of the caldera so it is straight down on both sides at some points. This didn't slow the driver down so Renee was a little nervous.

Santorini is beautiful but small and crowded with tourists . This is the off season so I can't imagine what the summer would be like. There were only 2 cruise ships in the harbor today but we were told that at the height last summer there were 17 ships with 45,000 guests all wanting to take the bus to the sunset in Oia (1000 buses). Apparently the traffic jam didn't end till 2:00 am. Today we will explore Oia without the crowds of summer - the beauty of October trips.
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