Oia day to relax

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Oia, Egeo, Greece
Today our plans were to do nothing and sit at the pool, however the weather didn't cooperate so we ended up walking through Oia again. The road to Oia ( about 1/4 mile) is very narrow in spots and we thought our toes would be run over whenever a bus passed. We just held our breath and pulled in our toes as we pressed against the wall.

We could not understand why we saw so many brides having their pictures taken here in Oia yet never saw a wedding . It turns out that the couples were married in their home country (usually China) but buy a vacation package that includes a photographer here in santorini. The package often includes usage of a wedding dress! Our pictures include a Russian couple who scared everyone by climbing to the edge of the roof for some dramatic pictures (the bride in high heels).

Tonight we had an amazing lightning and wind storm with beach umbrellas flying and a years supply of rain. Tomorrow we are off again, this time on a high speed ferry to Crete.
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