Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina

Tue, Jan 24th, 2017: Returning to Ushuaia
• Rob Dunbar and Tom Suchanek Lectures: Palm Trees and
    Ice: What's up with global warming?
• Captain's Farewell Dinner

As we approach the end of our journey it will be good to be heading home again after an amazing whirwind around Antarctica. Over the past three weeks we have traveled over 3,500 miles. It has been everything we anticipated … and more… thanks to a great crew, excellent expedition staff, very interesting people and 3 weeks of amazing sights, sounds, wind, rain, snow, sleet, cold and most of all…          OTHER-WORLDLY EXPERIENCES!

We would like to leave our Blog guests with some timely recognition of what is happening in the "real world", actually all around us here, and wherever you are in the world. Many of the things we have learned and sights we have seen reinforce our need to protect our planet from the multitude of ongoing impacts from climate change, both physical (e.g., the melting of the Antarctic (and Arctic) glaciers and ice sheets and the increasing extreme variability in weather around the planet), as well as the impacts that is having on the many species (e.g., penguins, killer whales, etc.) in this rapidly changing mostly frozen wonderland. We appreciate that the Expedition Team provided Rob Dunbar and Tom an opportunity to give a tag-team presentation on our current state of knowledge on Climate Change, both here in the Antarctic, but also back home in the states, and around the globe. Those presentations were well received...

Finally, as we depart, we will leave you with an Irish poem (from "The Seekers") hailing from the whaling days when "MEN WERE MEN" and would be gone from their sweethearts for months or years at a time: … which is a bit like this adventure has felt to us… --

To our sweethearts… Cindy and Deb…
Thanks for letting us go! Tom & Roger

 [mauvourneen and machree meant darling and dear]

"Says she:

'Tis a long way ye’ve traveled, mavourneen,
'Tis a long trip ye’ve made on the sea
For the sake of a slip of a girl like me,
To be gettin’ a kiss no better than this,
‘Tis a long road ye’ve traveled, machree.

Says he:

‘Twas a long way and a lone way, me true love,
But ‘tis millions of miles, as He knows,
That a hungerin’, wanderin’ sunbeam goes
To be getting’ a kiss no better than this
From the lips of no sweeter a rose."

Oh, If you have ever wondered why Penguins aren’t extinct, check out this video! It might reinforce your skepticism...



                            MAY YOUR SAILS ALWAYS BE AS FULL AS YOU LIKE !

                                                            TOM & ROGER



Other Entries


Richerson, Pete

Enjoyed your blog!

Dennis Paulson

I'm glad you had such a great experience, guys. There really is nothing else on our little traveling ball like Antarctica. The scenery and the wildlife vie with one another for ever greater adjectives and expletives. Oh, wow!

Sansone, Rick

I know the two of you had a grand time, and so did we.

Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!


McClanahan, Pamela

What a magical adventure! Thanks for all your work on this blog so we could come along.

Schrader, Judy

thank you for sharing your "excellent vacation" with us all.. It was a terrific travelog of photos, education and learning..We do live in an amazing world and pray that we can be wise stewards of all that we have been given.. thank you both.

andrea riedmiller

think the spirit and ardor of Schackleton and his companions and I feel small, I look at the wonders of our land and are amazed.
   to you, Tom and Roger, for the wonderful journey through history and nature.
thank you .

andrea riedmiller

Kieronski, Roberta-

Thanks for a wonderful journey! I get too seasick to try this adventure but loved seeing it through your eyes.

1-Honegger, Carol

Hey guys i want to send a belated but heartfelt thank you for the amazing journey you shared with us.. the historical and marine knowledge you passed on was so very expertise and at the same time great entertainment. Your eye-opening adventures and the incredible photography will remain in your (and ours, the lucky blog followers) memories forever... have had trouble downloading the last entry ... think I have it now! Will read with an aching heart I'm sure Thanks again Carol