Arrival in Oslo

Monday, August 13, 2012
Oslo, Oslo, Norway
We planned to leave at 7and did just that, caught the Metro and checked in at the airport very quickly before leaving 10 minutes late at 10.30 because a passenger had gone missing and they had to take his luggage off the plane. Norwegian Air is apparently the first European airline to offer free wireless internet access. I tried it and did manage to get it working but it was slow and I didn't have much time because it is such short flight 1 hour 10 minutes. Landing offered some pretty nice views but not of the city as airport is a fair way out of the city.

The Oslo Central Station was a 20 minutes metro ride We had learnt from our first stay and found lockers at the station for our bags . By this time it was lunch so we just bought some sandwiches and sat down next to a fountain. Then wandered over to Akershus Fortess where we were just in time to watch the changing of the guard and then did a self-guided tour around the Fortress grounds before entering the actual castle for an audio tour which was included in the price and also quite good. Akershus is also very medieval , After that we visited the Norway Resistance Museum which was also quite interesting. Here we bought a 2 day Oslo pass which includes free entry to major attractions and free transport around the city area. We also got a call from our hostess because she was expecting us earlier but told her about 7. It turned out we had an early pizza dinner and got to her Tram stop at about 6.15 and she came down to meet us. Bed is quite comfy although Daisy thinks it's a bit lumpy but we are both pretty tired so an early night tonight.
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