Drive to Great Falls, MT

Sunday, May 10, 2009
Great Falls, Montana, United States

Spent nights in Buffalo, WY, and Livingston, MT, on our way to Great Falls . Still strong winds and even a few snow flurries--we sure didn't expect this! Very picturesque valleys with snow-covered Crazy Mountain range. There was a man on horseback with his dog herding cattle right along the road that parallels the highway. Drove Scenic Hwy 89 outside of Livingston, MT. Saw lots of Angus cow farms, deer, and antelope. The drive through Lewis and Clark National Forest was spectacular! Lots of snow as we climbed the mountains; Belt creek ran next to road--very pretty. At King Summit, tons of snow; Randy throwing snowballs--still in his shorts. Snow flurries while we had lunch. People were even cross-country skiing--and it's May!

We spent three nights in Great Falls; had to get the Jeep brakes fixed. 
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