Fort Nelson to Toad River

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Toad River, British Columbia, Canada
Finally a sunny day; even though it's only 34. Today's drive had the most spectacular mountain views so far. Stopped at Testa River Services for Cinnamon buns and coffee--delicious!!! 

The drive through Summit Lake was beautiful--entirely snow covered; the lake was frozen. Saw lots of wildlife along the highway--bear twice, 2 moose, 6 caribou (one baby), 2 deer.
Campground: Toad River RV Park - beautiful setting; small lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The beaver house and beaver dam were neat to see.
Dinner at the Cafe (stew and hamburger)--not so good; however, the french fries were great.  Watched a single-person plane land on the small gravel air strip next to the highway--right across from where we were parked.
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