Toad River to Watson Lake

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada
The morning drive along the Toad & Laird Rivers and Muncho Lake (even though it was still frozen) was again spectacular! Saw a moose and 3 Stone Sheep along the hwy.
Stopped to help an RV on the roadside; spent about 2 1/2 hours trying to find and fix a radiator leak. During this process, a group of caribou and a wolf crossed the highway just down from us. Followed the RV to Laird Hot Springs to make sure they made it OK, which they did. Along the way saw more Stone Sheep and Buffalo.
LAIRD HOT SPRINGS: Spent about 2 hours in the springs, which are really hot--sure felt good!! This is such a magically beautiful place and is definitely a MUST SEE spot!

The drive from Laird Hot Springs to Watson Lake was certainly the area to see lots of animals!!! First was a buffalo with her calf, then our first herd of buffalo (about 35), and bear three times.    It was like driving through an animal zoo! We'd stop to take a picture, start driving again, and there would be another animal. Of course, can't resist taking more pictures! 
Crossed into the Yukon Territory and, of course, had to have a picture with the sign. Traveling into the Yukon Territory equates with rugged adventure, and here we are venturing into it!   As Randy pointed out, I'm really doing "rugged" sitting in my comfortable chair, feet resting on the foot stool, observing the magnificent surroundings out the front window of an RV.
Arrived in Watson Lake in the late afternoon.

Campground: Downtown RV - just a gravel parking lot with RV's parked right next to each other. As bad as it is, it's the best in town. You can walk to everything since the town is only about 3 blocks.
Sign Post Forest--can't believe how many signs--over 70,000; no way can you see them all. Didn't make a sign at home (really a mistake) so bought supplies at the hardware store.

While hanging our sign, spotted "South Lyon, Michigan" and above it was a "Starin" sign--wood cut out in the shape of Michigan with STARIN letters carved into the wood. Couldn't believe we saw these since there are rows upon rows of signs!!
Northern Lights Centre--space displays and 55-min. movie (half was about space program; half about northern lights (native myths and what really causes them). The filming was not great quality; more darks and lights rather than color changes.
Walked around Wye Lake, which was supposed to be 1 mile; however, it was definitely longer; took us almost an hour. There was still snow on the one end of the trail--no flowers at all; darn! The Lady Slipper Orchid grows wild here.
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