Watson Lake to Teslin

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Teslin, Yukon, Canada
The highway drive had views of snow-covered Rocky mountains. Saw several caribou. The scenery or animal spottings were not as great as the past two days. Several gravel sections on the highway.
Campground: Yukon Motel and RV Park - right on the Teslin Lake--absolutely gorgeous view!! 
The Wildlife Center, which is at this same location, was very worthwhile. Mounted animals of the Yukon with interesting information about each one. Talked with a "Tlingit" lady about the Heritage Center, and she told us all kinds of things about her culture and the different tribes. Blanket jackets are part of their heritage. She recommended the film "Picturing People" (about Tlingits) by George Johnson and National Film Board of Canada. The Heritage Center is not open until June; however, we stopped since there were cars there. They were having choir practice. One of the women explained that the 5 totems represent the 5 different Tlingit tribes--Eagle, Split-Tail Beaver, Wolf, Frog, Raven.
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