Whitehorse to Border City

Friday, May 29, 2009
Border, Alaska, United States
Left Whitehorse this morning and were told that from Whitehorse to the Alaska border would be the worst part of the highway. They were right! We met a couple from Tennessee and traveled this stretch together. It sure was a good idea! The day started with sun; however, as soon as we were out of Whitehorse, it became overcast. The clouds were so low that we couldn't see the tops of any of the mountains. As the weather got worse, so did the road--frost heaves, pot holes, ruts and long stretches of washboard gravel. It rained all day; the RV and Jeep are covered in mud! Thankfully, both RV's made it without any problems.
When we arrived in Destruction Bay, it was only noon and very little traffic on the road so decided to go on to the border. Upon arriving in Border City, decided to call it a day--too tired to go any further!  
Campground: Border City RV Park - the gas station, motel, restaurant, and the RV park are all one place--that's the "city." 
Everything considered, it was a good day. Nothing broke and the front windshield is in one piece.
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