Denali >Talkeetna > Palmer/Anchorage

Friday, June 12, 2009
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
All night the wind was really blowing; got up and pulled in the bedroom slide because it was making so much noise. The drive to Anchorage was cloudy and overcast so the views weren't great. It was still a nice drive though because the road runs along the Neanna river.

Stopped at the
Alaska Veterans Memorial, which is really excellent. The lady in the visitor center served in the military and volunteers here during the summer.
Drove the 14 miles into TALKEETNA; parked in a church parking lot. Don’t drive into the town if you have a large RV. Nagley’s General Store is an old-time place and has all kinds of interesting things, especially upstairs. Got an ice cream and sat on the front porch people watching. It’s an interesting mix of people--locals, hikers, and tour-bus folks. The Dutch couple from the Horseshoe Lake hike in Denali were there so talked to them a bit. There isn’t much here to see. Looked in the museum gift store.
There are supposed to be great views of Mt. McKinley from Denali south to Talkeetna—not today. Glad we had a clear day on our bus ride; nothing but clouds today.
Campground: Fox Run Campground in Palmer, which is just north of Anchorage. Coordinated our plans again with our Tennessee friends so we are parked next to each other. Spending 5 nights here. 
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