Anchorage to Cooper Landing

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Cooper Landing, Alaska, United States
The drive from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula along Turn Again Arm is absolutely stunning; the road is right next to the water where huge mountains come straight down. If you're in Anchorage, don’t miss this drive! Stopped at every turnout to see if we could spot beluga whales—no luck—Darn!

It’s so nice that all the roads have bike/walking paths next to them. The grizzly bears like them too; lots of cars pulled over to watch this one stroll down the sidewalk just before Hope Junction.
Campground: Kenai Princess Lodge & RV Park - made reservations since this is prime salmon fishing season. The park is very nice; well-maintained grass/gravel sites with picnic tables between. The steep mountain views were beautiful! We thought the reservation was for a week; however, they had us down for only one day. It was full for the entire week because the sockeye salmon were running on the Russian River near here. The man parked next to us got his limit of salmon (6 per person) in a couple of hours; he’s never seen it this good.
Made reservations to come back here over the 4th of July.  

All the lodge amenities are available to the RV Park people so we spent the evening at the Lodge using the internet (no WIFI at the campground).   
Had problems with the electrical in the RV—Power Inverter. Randy tried to find out what was wrong; the maintenance man came too; couldn’t find the problem. No power and very chilly 40’s at night; 50’s during day. Our Florida blood needs heat at these temperatures!   We loaded on the blankets at night to stay warm. Randy tried to fix the problem the next morning. Found out it was the ground fault circuit on the post of the campground. The guy came and said he didn't have the parts to fix it. When we were ready to leave, we couldn’t get any power to the cameras, the gps, or the tire monitor. Found a circuit that was popped way inside the electrical compartment. The man that tried to help Randy last night was under there and must have pressed something to cause this. All this time spent and the problem was with the campground. Finally, no problems, yea! 
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