Border City to Fairbanks

Friday, May 29, 2009
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
Just a few miles down the road from Border City is Tetline National Wildlife Refuge Center   What a great stop this was! They have interesting exhibits, and we especially loved the paw print molds of brown & grizzly bears, moose, lynx, and mountain lion. You put the mold in the sand to see what each animal's print looks like. We are getting so prepared for all the back country hikes--ha, ha!  We checked out an audio tour CD that explains interesting facts along the highway from here to Tok.
In Tok, we dropped off the CD at the Public Lands Information Center, which has a huge mounted grizzly. The Tok Visitor Center also has nice exhibits and pamphlets on each of the Alaska areas. Shopped at the All Alaska Gifts store, which has lots of Alaska-made items; the upstairs even has fur pelts for sale.
Delta Junction--hurray, we made it to the end of the Alaska highway!! The mosquitoes here are as big as the state! They are as bad as Florida only they don't have Mosquito Control here.
Another "Must Stop" place is Delta Meat & Sausage Co. They have samples of all kinds of interesting sausages you sure don't find anywhere in Florida. Bought different kinds of reindeer and buffalo sausages.  Lots of rain on the drive today; the road is paved but still permafrost spots everywhere.
Campground: Riverview RV Park -  OK. Not sure how it received an 8 rating. The park needs some work, but we are early in the season. Had a free RV wash, which we needed. It wasn't very crowded at all. The best part of staying here was we were parked next to the Tennessee couple.
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