Cooper Landing

Saturday, July 04, 2009
Cooper Landing, Alaska, United States
Around 7 a.m. our TN friend saw a grizzly bear in the campground right by our jeep. What a surprise! The security car chased it into the woods.

A lady in the campground does sled dog demonstrations at the Princess Lodge. The dogs and the puppies are in a fenced area in the campground, and she likes people to pet the puppies. They are irresistible!
Drove Skilak Road to see more wildlife. There were only a few turnouts with views of the lake and mountains, and the rest was a tree-lined, dusty road with more traffic than we expected. Constant dust! Only went half way and turned around. Sure wasn't the scenic wildlife drive we read about!
Made clam chowder using "Best Ever" recipe from Brenda at Scenic View; added leftover fish; turned out pretty good for my first attempt at this!
Celebrated the 4th with our TN friends. She's a great cook so we had lots of delicious food.
The views from the Lodge of the Kenai River are beautiful.
Finally a campground that allowed RV washing. This is our last night here; plan is to wash the RV tomorrow morning before we leave.
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