Palmer to Glennallen

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Glennallen, Alaska, United States
The drive down the first half of the Glenn Highway was spectacular.
Pinnacle Mountain
is supposed to have an unusual peak; however, the clouds covered the top so we can only imagine.
Wonderful views of the Matanuska River; watched the rafters having a great time going over the rapids.  
Beautiful Long Lake nestled among the mountains. 
The many views of Matanuska Glacier were especially spectacular.
The varied colors of Sheep Mountain were beautiful even though we didn't see any sheep.
The Chugach Mountain range is endless. Stopped constantly to take pictures.
Drove down Lake Louise Road to get a view of Tazlina Glacier but too hazy to see it.
The mountain views were hard to capture because of the haze from the fires and the low clouds.
Slow drive because of road work, lots of gravel sections, and frost heaves. Some spots were like being on a roller coaster. Took 6 hours to drive from Palmer to Glennallen. (Of course, we stopped constantly to admire the scenery and take pictures)
Our TN friends have the same destination so we’re traveling together. She made BBQ pork—yum—another delicious dinner together.
Campground: Northern Nights in Glennallen
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