Tok to Destruction Bay

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Destruction Bay, Yukon, Yukon, Canada
The first time we drove this road, it was raining and you couldn't see much. Today was bright sunshine, and it was a beautiful drive.
Stopped at Tetlin Visitor Center; they told us where we might see trumpeter swans. Saw them soon after passing the US border. Two swans were in a pond right next to the highway. It’s sure great to have a telephoto lens!

The road in Canada is just as bad as the first time—very wavy and frost heaves; had to drive slow—35 for quite a bit of this part.
Stopped frequently to take pictures—St. Elias icefields, lakes, rivers, mountains, tundra. There are lots of wildflowers especially fireweed; also what looked like foxtail (beautiful blowing in the breeze). Saw a wolf or coyote cross the road; gone by the time we got the camera out.

on a pullout next to Kulane Lake with two other RV’ers we met on the road. Walked around the lake's edge. Incredible view of the lake and surrounding mountains—what a place to spend the night!
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