Haines Highway (Destruction Bay to Haines)

Sunday, July 26, 2009
Haines, Alaska, United States
Glad we took pictures yesterday of Kulane Lake because today is cloudy.
When we were here in May, the road around Kluane Lake was under construction and it was mud and gravel. Couldn't believe it is all paved; what a difference!
Toward the beginning of the Haines Highway, there was a section of road that was being repaired; had to wait about ten minutes. Dirt was being put down and watered so the vehicles got all muddy. After that the road was fine.
The Haines Highway drive was one of the best we’ve had for spectacular scenery--so many lakes, rivers, ice fields, and glaciers. The Kluane and St. Elias mountain ranges are gigantic!
Stopped constantly at the photo opportunities. We haven’t seen this much fireweed anywhere else.
On one of our picture-taking stops, a bird flew into the side of the RV. Thankfully, it was only stunned and flew away after a few minutes. I was as stunned as the bird!  Saw two trumpeter swans far away in a valley pond. Also saw two goats; they disappeared the minute I stepped past the car to take a picture—Darn!
Haines Hitch-=Up RV Park does not allow car washing; at least we got the mud off the car at the quarter car wash—quarter is sure a misnomer--7 quarters for 1 wash; then again for a rinse.
Drove to Oceanside RV park and loved the view and the people we talked with—Ben and Ruth. Made reservations there for the next four nights.
Dinner at the Lighthouse; food was ok.
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