Sitka to Petersburg

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Petersburg, Alaska, United States
Ferry from Sitka > Petersburg: long ride—10 hours. It was rainy, cloudy, foggy—once we couldn't even see the water the fog was so thick. Not a good trip for seeing the scenery, but the whales were unbelievable. We were constantly getting up for sightings—lots of breaching, fin waving, and even tail slapping. Needed binoculars to see all the wildlife since it was pretty far away. Saw a wolf walking along the shoreline and several porpoise. When the ferry stopped in Kake, there was an eagle in its nest.
                                       PETERSBURGAugust 16-18
Arrived at the ferry dock at 6:30 pm. 
CAMPGROUND: TWIN CREEK - No check-in person there. Charlie, a man staying here, came over and said the best spot was next to him.  Had 50 amp and WIFI; no cell service though. Stayed here 4 nights.
The first two days, it rained constantly. After getting lots of information from the visitor center, we drove around town. Very nice houses; were told that this town has a very prosperous population.  
Falls Creek Fish Ladder--lots of salmon. After two days of rain, the water was really flowing and the salmon were jumping from one level to the next.

Outlook Park—watched for whales in Frederick Sound; none.
Sandy Beach Park—low tide; couldn’t find the ancient stone fish traps or the petroglyphs.
Dinner at the Northern Lights restaurant that is right on the boat harbor. Halibut--not that great—overcooked and heavy breading.
                                                        Mitkof Highway:

Blind River Rapids Trail
; nice boardwalk out to rapids; people fishing.
Swan Observatory; no swans this time of year.
Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery; thousands of fry; lots of huge king salmon in hatchery where they harvest the eggs.
Three Lakes Loop Road goes high up into the wilderness. Saw a big porcupine walking along the road. 

LeConte Glacier Overlook had tremendous view.
All the driving through the wilderness and where do we finally see a Sitka black-tailed deer—next to the highway near town.

Hurray, the rain stopped on our last day here. The mountain tops were visible and even some blue sky. Watched all the fishing boats coming and going.
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