Friday, July 13, 2018
Brisas de Alto Boquete, Provincia de Chiriquí, Panama
I apologize for being derelict about updating my blog: no excuses ... just lazy.  
If you read my last blog, traveling 42 hours or so from when I left my hostel in Sydney to when I got to my apartment in Boquete (just traveling - no long layovers or overnight stays), you can imagine I was a little weary.  
Weary wasn't all, though.  I had jet lag.  After a few days of falling asleep at different times during the day, and waking up, fully awake, in the middle of the night, I thought I might have a problem.  Looked up 'jet lag': sure enough, that's what I had.  No problems when I flew from Boston to Auckland, but this return trip kicked me in the ass.  I read that it can take about one day to recover for each time zone you cross.  I crossed 8 time zones.  Yep, it took me a week before I slept through the night and stayed awake all day.  
During this time (and since then), I've spent most of my time watching tv (movies - on my laptop) and playing backgammon, spades, and hearts against the computer.  I did get out some: brought a load of laundry to my laundry lady, ten minutes away, three days in a row; dirty clothes, and mildewy clothes, towels, linens from the humid weather here.  
For the last week, we've seen a lot of sun, and almost no rain.  For the three weeks before, it was just the opposite.  Mostly dry in the mornings, so that gives us a little time to get out and do things.  
As I mentioned in my previous post, the owner has been remodeling upstairs and this has produced some invisible gaps in the walls; but when it rains real hard, I've had water dripping down the outside walls into my kitchen and living area (the owners even had to come in here, while I was gone, to mop up water).  No damage, though.  They have sealed up the outside walls now, and no more leaks.  
On occasion, the electricity goes out, usually for just a short time.  They are redoing the sewer lines in the area and have broken the water pipes a couple times, shutting the water off for hours at a time (makes it tough if you were planning on taking a shower before going out somewhere ... not to mention flushing, cleaning, cooking).
I also go to town about twice a week, a one hour walk (taxi coming back) to do my shopping.  There's a small supermarket about six minutes walk I go to for beer and Coke that I do about every three days, so that I don't have to carry that stuff a long way.  That's pretty much the extent of my getting out, for the last month.  
On occasion, I'll get out for something else.  I went to a restaurant for dinner one night.  Had to make a trip in to David to see my dermatologist, and did a little shopping.  Went with my landlords, a few days ago, to PriceSmart (like Costco) to see if there was anything there I might be interested in (mostly, the beef): picked up some ribeyes; not impressed so far; prices are good though, so I'll probably get a membership, though it'll take me two buses and about 1.5 hours to get there (my landlords only go about once a month, and I don't want to stock up a month's worth of meat - can't fit it in my small fridge freezer).  
Thinking about making some short trips in Central America, and making a trip to the States.  But only thinking about it for now.  
That's it.  Long time to wait, for such a short entry (I thought it would take me much longer to do).  I'll try to update once a week, even if I haven't done anything.  

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