Just checking in ...

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Brisas de Alto Boquete, Provincia de Chiriquí, Panama
... as opposed to 'checking out'!  
Had a nice visit with family, some extended family, and friends a little while back.  Always nice to spend some time with folks you care about and who care about you.  
The desktop computer (actually a HTPC, home theatre pc) got dinged up a little on the trip down to Panama (guess 42 lbs was a little too much to handle for those overpaid airline workers), but I straightened it up some and it's totally functional.  Built this 3 1/2 years ago, but it was in storage for the last three years.  Had problems getting it booted up; bought a new motherboard; then good to go.  Next the power supply went out; replaced it, now good to go again.  Bought a new hard drive: couldn't get it 'seen' at first; after a week of frustration, and not always helpful info on the internet, got it going okay.  
So the last three weeks have been spent mostly messing around with my HTPC.  
Getting out almost everyday for at least a 20 min walk in the morning (rains most afternoons), sometimes an hour walk into Boquete for groceries (taxi back: too much stuff and too heavy).  
Rest of the time spent in my chair playing on laptop or watching tv shows.  
Health has been okay.  Wrenched my foot a week ago, still feeling pain when I walk.  My elbow has been hurting for weeks, not getting any better even when I nurse it; bursitis, maybe?  Just chalking it up to old age.  
Looking into travel options, but not making any plans yet.  Have things I want to do before I take off again, but being real lazy about it.  
Life is good.  The days are getting sunnier: summer is fast approaching.  
I guess I covered everything for now.  

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