Found insurance

Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Xela, Quetzaltenango Department, Guatemala
Okay.  I think I finally achieved my goal: I wanted to find an insurance policy that would allow me to travel full-time.  Back in Panama the only policy that I could find is the one that I currently have, that only allows me to travel 180 days per year. The only information that I could find on the web were high cost policies. The people I emailed in Guatemala didn't have the information that I needed. So I thought that I had to be in Guatemala or Mexico to speak to local agents.  
I came to Guatemala to reach out to expats to see what they were doing.  Actually there aren’t very many expats in Xela; it's not a tourist town which is what most of them like about it. I was told to try the internet.  I tried that again, also looking for local forums. After continued trials to find information on the internet, I was told to research Facebook. 'Expats in Guatemala' wasn't real helpful, but, ‘expats in Mexico’ was very helpful.  I was put in contact with a number of insurance agents with different offerings, and I pretty much narrowed it down to one option.  
The people that I've been in contact with said that as long as I don't spend more than 180 days in the US I'm covered. The policies that I found, except Cigna, cost me a whole lot less than what I'm paying in Panama.  At my age, there are only 3 good companies to choose from: Cigna, best but most expensive, VUMI, and WEA for expats. I'm going with VUMI; just haven't decided which level of coverage I want.

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