Hard work done - Time to chill

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Panajachel, Sololá Department, Guatemala
The last couple of nights have been tough: both places I stayed at had thin mattresses over wooden slats; the second place was at least thick enough to allow me to sleep; but what can you expect for $7 a night.  
I was going to go to Mexico to see if I could get a better insurance deal there, but the agents I communicated with online tell me that it would be $200 a month more.  So I've decided to stay in Guatemala for now.
I had scheduled two nights in that first place with the uncomfortable bed but after one night I decided to leave.  I wanted to go straight to the lake, but the bus was delayed by a demonstration across the highway in a town a ways off.  I waited 3 hours, but they finally said they didn't think the bus was going to be coming that day. So I went to another hostel last night and went to the bus station early today.  The bus is supposed to leave at 9 am.; I was there at 9 but was told that the bus wouldn't come 'till 10:15. There was another bus heading in the same direction leaving right away. It was a two and a half hour ride, with two more bus connections but all in all about par for the course.  
I got settled in my room, then went walking around town looking for signs for house and apartment rentals. Didn't see any information on rentals but did find a decent pair of pants.
Went out for dinner, without camera or phone, and had spinach quiche and a salad (not much lettuce but lots of cucumbers, onions, some shredded carrots, and about a half of avocado) for $5.20; plus happy hour Cuba Libre's for $1 35.  Went back to my room to read and call it a night.