Looking for digs

Friday, May 31, 2019
Panajachel, Sololá Department, Guatemala
So now I'm in Panajachel, the largest village on Lago Atitlan. I got a special deal from booking.com for a room in a hotel, for $15.60 per night. I don't know if they gave me the worst room but this one has a poopy bathroom odor but it's by the headboard. I went out and bought a renuzit and it helped some but I still get a whiff of poopy odor once in awhile.
So I'm spending the day trying to find a place to stay for the next month. Somebody put me in touch with a guy who had an apartment next to his house but he wanted too much money for too little place.
I did a bunch of research online; sent out emails to different people; got a response on the place that looked most promising, so I made an appointment to go see it. Most of the places I was finding we're located in villages around the lake not in this town of Panajachel.  
Had to wait an hour for a boat, so I went to eat lunch.  Entered a lakeshore restaurant (they're all overpriced), ordered 'filete mignon' ($14); got two small pieces of beef, less than one half inch thick, wrapped with bacon, and a brown sauce on top.  The meat was chewy; definitely not tenderloin.  I guess they think if they wrap bacon around some beef, they can call it filet mignon.
So I took a boat to go see this first place and it was okay but there's no Wi-Fi so I passed. Came back to my room; did more research; waiting for responses to my emails. Eventually I got a response from the fourth place on my list and determined to go check it out tomorrow hoping that the other two places would respond before then.

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