Gaia Maya

Sunday, June 02, 2019
Pasajcap Campground, Sololá Department, Guatemala
So here I am in my new digs.  There's a second small cabin here which is sometimes rented out.  My cabin is like a ranch house: the living room is on the right end, next to it is the bedroom, then the bathroom (with a very plush bath towel), then the kitchen, and finally the toilet, which is like an outhouse.  There are plenty of screen windows, which are boarded up and can be opened like shutters. There's a skylight in each room. Lots of furniture, room to store everything, even hangers, which is a rarity. The bed has a thick mattress. The shower works great. The kitchen has just about all the supplies you need. And even though the toilet is like an outhouse it is a flush toilet. Plenty of outlets, and the light switches are in convenient places. I love that there's also a hammock. Plenty of lovely foliage, and to the side of me is a very steep hill.  Only problem is...the road is right below me; you can hear people walking by, and tuktuks, all day long.