Well this sucks

Sunday, November 08, 2015
Istanbul, Turkey
Bumped from Istanbul - Delhi flight at around 7-30pm when it became obvious the overbooked flight would not have room for me. After a couple hours waiting around and signing a few forms (thank you 600 euros compensation, shuttles and the hotel, Turkish airlines) get to hotel, sleep. Pretty annoying but relaxed about the next day...nothing to do out in the sticks so holiday admin. Worried a bit about 'visa on arrival' but indian govt website very clear I could fill out a form in Delhi. But. No one told the TurkishAirlines guys of the *next* night that this was the case. They sensibly ring up Indian immigration 'yes we sometimes do on arrival but everyone should have an e-visa'. So 3-4 hours of getting my bags and another hotel and form filling and gate-hopping later, get to hotel (I dunno midnight??) to fill out visa app. Wrong app, idiot. Do it in the morning after about 3 hours anxious sleep. Great stuff. Book a hostel in town with a rooftop view of the Hagia Sophia and play the waiting game, which at least this time involves human contact, mostly with a bunch of American Peace Corps volunteers based in Albania.

VISA approves next morning . Book the business class flight via Kuwait because at US$500 you'd be mad not too. Those indians on the flights seem pretty loud so maybe a really really good thing. Sweet but not heaps of sleep. Arrive in Delhi at 4 am. Stand behind two Russians in immigration queue that look like hobbits. India , finally.

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