A Bit of Sad History

Friday, October 07, 2016
Roscommon, Western Ireland, Ireland
After a lovely breakfast at Kilronan, we drove off to enjoy some of the Irish countryside. It was a beautiful sunny day and the scenery was gorgeous.
We arrived at Strokestown and toured the Famine Museum before having a quick lunch of soup and "sambo" (Sandwich). The museum tells the story of how the famine came about and why the effects were so devastating, Centuries of oppression of the Catholic Irish by the Protestant British reached a tragic apex when the only food source for the poor, the potato, failed for 5 years due to blight Millions were lost due to starvation, disease and emigration - a sorrowful page in Ireland's history. After lunch we went on a guided tour of the manor house at Strokestown Park. The house has been maintained rather than restored and gives a glimpse of how the last residents lived in the house in the later part of the 20th century. The only real modification, outside of repairs, was the tearing our of the 60's "modern" kitchen to reveal the 19th century kitchen fully intact behind a false wall.
We drove back to Killronan later in the afternoon and went on a long hike around the grounds. The castle has three different routes marked out, including an easy access short walk. We opted for the longer full grounds walk which took us down to the lake, through the woods and past some rolling sheep meadows. A very pretty and scenic way to pass an hour or so in the country.
Evening was spent at the castle with supper in the Palm Court and a brandy before bedtime in the bar.
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Ann Boo

You loved the Palm Court didn't you! This place sounds so elegant! Stroke town Park is the best. I'd love to see it. I love that it's been maintained, a glimpse into the life of people so unlike me.