Beautiful County Cork

Monday, October 03, 2016
Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland
Our tour guide Alan arrived spot on time at our appointed pick up location and we sett off for County Cork. As this is end of season for tours we only have one other fellow traveler, Ryan, who is a booking manager with the tour company. This is great as we are getting almost a private tour.
Alan is a font of knowledge about Ireland and kept us well informed and entertained on our journey . Our first stop was at Tipperary for a quick coffee before heading off to Blarney. No we did not climb the ruin or kiss the stone. In fact there is a 13 Euro charge just to pass the trees and look at the castle. We did go into the Blarney Woolen Mills, a large store with beautiful knitwear and fashions for both men and women.
Retail therapy accomplished we had lunch across the road at the Muskerry Arms Public House, and enjoyed a bowl of homemade vegetable soup.
Off we went again on our way down to Kinsale. Our next stop was at a ruined abbey along the coast. Because there were so few of us and we were ahead of time, Alan took us to see a couple of sights that were not on the scheduled itinerary. 
He took us first to Old Head. While the end of this peninsula is now a private (and controversial) golf course, we were able to enjoy the views off the cliffs just outside the club gates. Next was a garden of trees planted to remember the firefighters who died in 9/11. The land was donated and the garden set up by an Irish nurse who worked in New York and knew many of the fallen fire brigade. This garden is lovely and a bit surreal in its placement so far away from where the tragedy took place.
We arrived in Kinsale with a bit of on and off drizzle. After checking in at The Blue Haven Hotel we went for a fabulous seafood dinner at a restaurant called Fishy Fishy, located right on the marina.
We were then off to a pub for drink and live music before turning in.
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Ann Boo

Tipperary! I immediately hear the song in my head! Didn't you every minute you were there? Please tell me you marched toward Tipperary! Now the Blarney Woolen Mills! This spot strike my fancy don't ya know!