Driving the Other Way Round

Thursday, October 06, 2016
Roscommon, Western Ireland, Ireland
We must apologize for the lapse in posting of pictures in this blog as we have been beset by a myriad of technical difficulties. We will post some shots on Facebook and add to the blog when we get them solved. Today we picked up our car to set out for five nights on the road. Brian adapted quite quickly to being on the other side of the road and the other side of the car.
We set out for Trim in County Meath. Several roundabouts later we arrived just in time for a guided tour of the Trim Castle's keep. This castle dates from the Norman era and was used in the filming of Braveheart. As it was a beautiful fair (but windy) day the views from the top of the tower seemed to go on forever.
We took mostly winding back roads in the afternoon, passing through several little villages and towns, while making the occasional stop to have a look around. We arrived late afternoon at our home for the nest two nights, Kilronan Castle. This castle was built at the beginning of the 1800s but was in a completely ruined state before being restored, renovated and added onto to create a gorgeous Hotel and Spa in 2008. A delicious dinner in the Palm Court casual dining room and a brandy in the bar ended our evening in a style one could easily get used to.
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