Grand Ships

Friday, October 14, 2016
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
There was a bit of rain when we woke up, but it cleared soon enough. We set off after breakfast we walked across the Prince Street bridge and saw the recreation of John Cabot's ship "The Mathew" sailing around the harbour. Next we went to see the the SS Great Britain. Launched in 1843, she is the first iron passenger vessel and the first to use a screw driven propeller. The dry dock where she sits is the very one she was built in. She was towed back to Bristol from the Falkland Islands in 1970 as a rusted hulk before being restored to her former glory to function as a museum. The dry dock has a "glass sea" surrounding her which gives the effect of her being at sea, but allows viewing of her underside by heading down below the water line. The attached museum gives the history of the ship and shipping in general before one heads aboard for the audio guided tour. This is an amazing exhibit and not to be missed.
We waked back to the city centre and had lunch before having a bit of retail therapy . We enjoyed the mix of different architectural styles that line the mostly pedestrian streets in this area. We stopped for a late afternoon pint at the Old Market Tavern before making our way back to our hotel.
Supper at Aqua, a riverside Italian bistro and a leisurely walk home ended the day. 
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