A Capital Day

Monday, October 17, 2016
London, England, United Kingdom
We bid farewell to Bath knowing we will return, and took the train to London Paddington. A short cab ride later and we were at our hotel.
Not too much to report on this day as we just did what any sane person does in this fantastic city - explore!
We are staying in South Kensington, and it is a beautiful area . Street after street of fine Georgian town homes (many converted to flats). A little further south the architecture changes to Victorian and just as lovely. All of this dotted with parks both public and private. What a beautiful afternoon.
Our big event for today was attending a Tony Hadley concert at The Royal Albert Hall. The hall itself is worth the price of admission - a beautiful example of Victorian grandeur. The fact that the concert was great just added to the experience.
A great first day in the capital. 
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