Family Time

Friday, May 17, 2013
Overton, England, United Kingdom
Sam picked me up from Heathrow and we had a smooth run back to Overton, but by the time we got there it was definitely time for bed.
In the morning I got to see Lilli and James at last . They are an absolute delight as is Clare, who is always so happy and helpful. The big excitement for the day was Sam putting up the new trampoline. After that we had a BBQ lunch.

Very cold for me and I had to borrow a sweater from Clare even though I had all my warmest clothes on. But the sun came out on and off and we spent a lot of time in the back garden.

On Sunday it was James's birthday.

Philip, Clare's brother, his wife Lisa and two children Max and Josh came over to help celebrate. Max and Josh are very close in age to Lilli and James and they got on really well. The trampoline was a great success.
James got a trike for his birthday which he tried out with Lilli pushing it. Unfortunately it tipped over with James ending up face down on the concrete. He is now wearing a big birthday bruse.
After a cold start the sun came out and it was a lovely warm day in the outdoors.
Later in the afternoon more friends arrived for cake and drinks. 
We were all exhausted by the end of the day..

Monday today, gray and overcast. Sam is at work, Lilliis at playgroup and James had a baby class and I am nursing my cold. Runny nose and headaches. Just hope I'll get better quickly.
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