Wednesday, May 22, 2013
London, England, United Kingdom
This morning I took an early train from Overton to London, Waterloo.
Nick met me at the station and we spent the day along the river .
First a coffee, then a walk, then a cup of tea at the members lounge in the Tate gallery.
Unfortunately despite the weather forecast it was cloudy, grey and very cold. Couldn't sit outside, but had a lovely view anyway.
After a pub for a pub lunch of fish & chips we walked through Barrow Markets. An amazing selection of foods from all over Europe. Nick is a real foodie , his knowledge of cheeses, wine etc is very comprehensive.
London architecture is so interesting with the mixture of really old and very modern buildings. Such a big change since I lived there.
Time for another coffee .
We stopped at a cafe near a display being set up to promote an Atlantic Challenge promotion. They row across the Atlantic. It is an unassisted rowing race. We chatted to a delightful girl in the cafe who is a rower. She'll be rowing with another girl. The route is around 3000 nautical miles and they expect to take 40 - 90 Days. As it is unassisted they have to take all their supplies, food etc. with them. Amazing!!
Then it was time to make my way to Leicester square to meet Alison for dinner before the theatre. Nick ever the gentleman decided to escort me to make sure I get there safely.

Great to see Alison again. So easy to be with and so much to catch up on. After a Pizza and a lot of talk we made our way to the St. Martins theatre to see " The Mousetrap". It is a play that's been running since 1952. A London institution almost so we decided to see it just for fun. And it was good fun.
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