More Family Time

Saturday, May 25, 2013
Overton, England, United Kingdom
Back in Overton and I'm so lucky to have 7 days with Sam , Clare, Lilli and James to look forward to.

Saturday . A big day out. We took Lilli to see "First Cinderella" ballet in Richmond. It was a shortened and modified version of the ballet choreographed and produced for very young children. The dancing was beautiful and someone on stage told the store and it has some interactive bits. Perfect for children and the dancing was great too.

Sunday. Sam played cricket for the presidents 11 against Leatherhead firsts at the Leatherhead presidents day. The game was relaxed, they served champagne for drinks.It was a beautiful warm and sunny day and we spent a delightful afternoon at the game.

Monday. A public holiday here in England. We had a lovely relaxed time at home. Great to see Sam relaxing with the family, playing in the park and just loving being with his children.

Tuesday. Back to grey, rain and a maximum of 10 degrees. Went to Basingstoke for a bit of shopping followed by a visit to play group at the leisure centre. We are all exhausted.

Wednesday. Started off fine, but turned fray & rainy in the afternoon. Ended up with a day at home with a visit to the park.

Thursday. Another dreary day, but tomorrow promises to be fine. Good day to get organised for my flight etc. and even bake some Anzac biscuits.

Friday. My last day in England and it was a lovely sunny day. We went on a picnic to Farley Mount, followed by a stop for a drink at the lovely The Fishermen's Pond . A great finale.
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