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Tuesday, June 04, 2013
New Delhi, Delhi, India
A long, hot and scary drive through some terrible slums and some very interesting sites to Delhi.
Traffic on India is difficult to describe . All manner of vehicles just weave in and out and around each other sounding their horns nom stop. At one stage we came to a stop and our driver decided not to wait. He fed a U-turn and drove the wrong way back till he came to a gap in the median strip to go into a service station for petrol.
When we got to around Connought place Jude decided she wanted to get off and go to the Art Gallery. I got off with her and took a tuk-tuk to the gallery.
The gallery was a haven. Cool, calm and really interesting modern Indian works of art. We purchased some prints of the ones we liked best.
Then a terrifying ride back to the hotel in a tuk-tuk.
A short time left to get ready for a dinner out with Jude at the Bukhara at the ITC Maurya Hotel. The hotel organised a car to take us there, wait for us an then bring us back for 650 rupees (approx $13). Dinner was very interesting. The hotel sumptuous with security tighter than an airport, just more polite. The food was really nice, the service over the top and the restaurant absolutely packed.
A very, very long day. Hard to believe that only this morning we saw the Taj Mahal.
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rossie and dave

we are enjoying your entries so much Eva, it brings it all back for me, doesnt really look or sound as though it has changed much in 30 years, but I am sure it has, we are settled in Canada now and all is well, keep enjoying and keep the stories coming please...much love xx