Old City Tour

Monday, June 17, 2013
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Piled into two card and drive to the old city.
First stop was the Jama Mazid mosque . Built in 1672, it has room for thousands. The 378 roof supports are each made out of the trunk of a single tree.
Next stop the Khanguah Shah-Hamadan mosque, a shrine to the Persian saint Mir Sayed Ali Hamadini, who founded it. We were only allowed to look through the door and window. Beautifully and ornately decorated inside.
At both places we had to take off our shoes and they gave us scarves to cover our heads.
In between there was shopping of course.
Four of us wondered off through a couple of back streets, which were really pleasant, clean and quiet.
We also had a look at New Srinegar city centre. Very busy, but clean with smart almost western looking shops.
We even sighted a traffic policeman directing traffic at an intersection there. The only one we've seen since arriving in India.
In the early evening we had a terrific thunder storm with spectacular lightening.
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