Rest day

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Today is a 'rest day' which means no organised activities.
Ashraf offered to take anyone interested to the local vegetable market at 5 am and 7 of us got up for it . Never seen anything like it. All on water. The local growers brought their produce in shiksa rad and what buyers came in empty shiksa rad and bought the produce. They looked like wholesalers because they tended to buy huge amounts. A beautiful morning.
At nine right on time the woodcarving furniture man came and took some of us to his second warehouse where I ordered a set of nested tables to be delivered to Freo. It will probably take a couple of months to get them.
Back to the houseboat and then Ashraf took a few if us to a couple of carpet places. I wanted a runner, but the ones I liked best were too long.
In the end I bought.a tribal design. A but dark so I hope it will look O.K.
Back at the houseboat and it is time to plan and get ready for our Ladakh trip tomorrow.
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