Return to Kargil

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Kargil, Jammu and Kashmir, India
What a way to ruin a wonderful experience.
First Masood was his usual rude self and then Bridget got really frightened . Masood's driving seemed to be getting worse. I think on purpose.
We were all on edge and started annoying each other.
The views were stunning in the early morning light and the new road was open so we saw new scenery, but it was hard to enjoy the drive.
Along the way this time we managed to stop at the summit of Namka La Pass (12,108ft), then came across what seemed a Buddhist festival at Kanji village. At Mulbekh we saw A giant Buddha rock carving.
Made it to Kargil all frazzled by about 11am.

Bridget and I enquired about hiring another car, the cost around 6000 rupees( about $110AUD. Phoned Ashraf to tell him. He of course tried to sort out our driver, but by this time we weren't going to take the chance for the arduous drive back.
In the end we decided to share the cost and I booked the car. I was determined to fully enjoy the last day of our little trip.
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