Return to the houseboat

Monday, June 24, 2013
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
What a difference!
Our new driver was calm, friendly and an excellent driver .
On the way we stopped at the Dras war memorial. Very well done and like all very sad.
Scenery superb and we could take it in more calmly.
Definitely a good decision to change drivers and well worth the money.
As we got closer to Srinagar it was getting hot and uncomfortable. We phoned the houseboat when we got close and by the time we arrived at Pier 14 (our usual) the shiksa was waiting for us. Lovely and cool on the lake.
Getting back to the houseboat was like arriving home.
We heard all about developments and the impending visit of the Prime Minister, Manmohan Sing. I gather there are a number if issues people are not happy about and hence there is a general strike on for a couple of days. Most shops are closed.
There is also very high security around withe a huge army and police presence. Ashraf Alison thinks that the Internet will not be available nor will be phone connections outside Kashmir.
Late afternoon a boatload of police and soldiers arrived and 2 police and 3 soldiers remained. Not sure why, they stayed till 8pm and said that they'll be back tomorrow.
They told us that tomorrow movement will be restricted and we should stay on the houseboad.
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