Izu Geo Trail - Start

Tuesday, May 09, 2017
Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan
What a wonderful first day!

Judy and I met our guide and traveling companions at the appointed rendezvous spot at 9 am .
Our guide led us to our train and we left at 10 for a 3 hour trip to the small fishing village of Kogan. We sent our luggage on by taxi and then we started off by visiting the geological museum explaining the origins of the peninsula.

We then strolled through the village and stopped at the premises of a rice polisher. He gets the harvested rice, removes the seeds from the stalks, takes the husks off and then polishes it. The final product is white rice.
The end of the village was the start of our walk.

The walk was 4.5 km along rugged terrain, cliff tops etc.
The area is volcanic rock formed from lava from a number of eruptions from about 4000 years ago from the nearby mountain Mt. Omuro.

At the end of the walk we took a 25 min taxi ride to our accommodation, the Atagawakan Onsen for the night. Arrived around 4pm.

Our accommodation here is a modern Japanese inn in the seaside town of Atagawakan.
The rooms are beautiful, large, semi-traditional with ocean views.
Then on to our first onsen experience. More about that tomorrow, for now lets just say that it was wonderful. Two pools, one indoor and one outdoor.

Dinner at 6:30 was an incredible seafood feast with multiple - about 7 - dishes plus pickles, miso soup and tea etc. Judy & I also shared a small bottle of local sake.
Started with a small glass of plum wine, like a sherry. Then little bits of sashimi, tuna, prawn & eel.
While we were eating those, the abalone was steaming in our individual small stoves. Then we steamed a piece of white fish, noodles & vegetables in a broth, again individually. There were also two other little dishes, one with a little tofu & vegetables and the other with a bit of octopus.
I thought that was it, but more was to come. A dish with a local fish Kinmedai, some pickles. condiments and miso soup. We all declined the extra rice dish.
Finished it all off with tea.

When we returned to our rooms, the bed (a futon) was ready.
A fabulous start to this much anticipated holiday.



Love it Eva, glad we have the link, we had Canadian Japanese food tonight and thought that was amazing, nothing on your dinner by the looks, great blog and trip so far we can see xxx