Izu Geo Trail - Day 4

Friday, May 12, 2017
Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan
Full sun greeted us this morning. The beach looked lovely with a group of youngsters having surfing lessons.
Breakfast again had the works including miso soup with last night's lobster claws cooked with the broth .
A short bus ride to a lovely walk at Toji to see an interesting cave with a collapsed ceiling, followed by a walk to a large sandhill where people can sand ski/sled.
Another drive for our walk through a mountain forest & clifftop descending to another beach and our lunch spot.

Entering the lunch site was like walking into a fairytale. There was smoke from a fire, a flute-playing fairy among the trees and lunch laid out on low tables with logs for seats.
It was an unexpected and exceptional pleasure.

Another bus ride to the quaint village of Cape Irozaki and from there we walked to the cape along a path with wonderful views and a Shinto shrine.
This was followed by a long bus ride as we made our way to the east coast of the peninsula towards Matsuzaki and our accommodation.
Unfortunately it started to cloud over and Mt Fuji was not visible. Maybe tomorrow?

We visited a business producing katsuoboshi (dried bonito - a specie of fish). It is a family run business which has been in the family for 5 generations.
The owner explained the incredibly complicated and labour intensive process to prepare the bonito, which takes about 6 months. He was fascinating as he demonstrated cutting up the bonito on a stuffed cloth fish.

We finally arrived at our accommodation at around 6pm exhausted. Dinner was to be a BBQ at 7 so we had a very short time to settle in, wash and have a soak in the onsen.
The BBQ had everything from pizza, fish, sausage to hock Soup and even an exotic shellfish.
What a day! Too many highlights to pick one.