Izu Geo Trail - Day 6

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan
The rain stopped and it was a fine morning, though still not sunny.
The plan was to do part of the walk we missed out on yesterday and part of the walk scheduled for today .

Our walk started from our hotel along a dramatic coastline via Futo beach to the fishing village and shipyards of Tago.
There we saw a cave where they used to store one of the suicide boats towards the end of WW2.

Then a long bus ride through the mountainous center of the peninsula. Wonderful scenery with mountains all around. We stopped at the foot of Mt. Daruma and five of us with our guides walked to the top. Lots of steps again, but well worth it. On a clear day there is a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from there, but as our guide said it was still hiding today.
There is still a chance that we may see it from the station tomorrow on our way to Kyoto.
We stopped at a lookout cafe for the view, drink and ice creams. As it was a good road for motorcycling there was a group of motorcyclists there too.
Back onto our bus to Shuzenji.

Shuzenji is a beautiful town and as soon as unloaded our luggage we went for a little tour. We visited a Shinto temple, visited a wonderful store selling beautiful pottery created by local artists, walked through a bamboo grove and along a creek to our accommodation.

Our accommodation in Shuzenji is Arai Ryokan which is a historic Japanese inn established more than 160 years ago. Unfortunately by the time we got there there was no time to fully appreciate it before dinner.
Dinner was again an 11 course feast. This time they gave us a menu with an English translation.
A wonderful finale to a wonderful week.