Thursday, May 18, 2017
Kōya-chō, Wakayama-ken, Japan
We set off immediately after breakfast for our journey to Koya-San for our temple stay adventure.

Koya-San is the monastic centre of Esoteric Buddhism .
The centre is in a highland valley on Mt. Koya at an elevation of about 900 meters. There are many temples and shrines, many of them offering accomodation.
To get here, we had to take three trains, a cable car and a bus. A bit complicated, but we made it.
From about half way loads of European tourists were heading the same way, so it was a matter of just following the crowd.

Here Judy and I are sharing a room and we don't have our own bathroom or toilet.

After check-in we decided to wonder through Okunoin, a sacred area and cemetery.
There are some 2000 graves and shrines and a huge mausoleum with 10,000 lanterns. Unfortunately no photos were allowed in the mausoleum.

A vegetarian dinner was served by the monks at 5:30pm and breakfast will be at 7:30am after a morning ceremony and prayers at 6:30.

New experiences just never stop.